Changing Attitudes by Taking Advantage of Linking

                Youth  and Schools Together


iEARN-Pakistan, iEARN-Uzbekistan and iEARN-USA has successfully launched this natural disaster Youth Art Exchange program for  the  year 2007-2008.

The International Education and Resource Network (iEARN), in partnership with  AnimAction and the Red Stick International Animation Festival and funded by the Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs- US Department of State, launched the Community CATALYST Program.  This program will help youth in Pakistan, Uzbekistan and the U.S. make a meaningful contribution to their communities through the use of Internet-based interaction to create and share animated public service announcements on the topic of natural disaster preparedness.

Participating students and educators will use iEARNís ongoing natural  disaster preparedness project the NDYS to examine the importance and the crucial role  young citizens have within a civil society during times of crisis.  Youth will bridge cultural and social differences, interact  creatively, and develop skills necessary for personal, academic and  future professional leadership in their communities.


The Animation Exchange and Workshop in Baton Rouge-Louisiana, USA for the CATALYST Program. 

Click here to see CATALYST Animation Projects made by students.


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