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A Critical Thinking Assignment: Reforming Customs and Traditions


Class: VI-VIII                       Subject: S. Studies                 Maximum Points: 10


Assignment Background: Students are required to critically think  and analyze about customs  or social practices in your country. Following this they will be  required to recommend if the practices or customs they  have identified needs to be preserved or changed, giving appropriate reasons for their recommendations. Their report should be  minimum 200-250 words  (length can vary depending on the level and age of students), should be posted on the iEARN (International Education Resource Network to be read and responded by other participating students and teachers  around the globe. You will be required to read and comment on other students work globally as well. The discussion will take place in the iEARN Interactive forum  amed iearn .civics 

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Students Activities/Assignment Sheet:

bulletSubject of your research: Identify a particular custom or cultural practice that you observe in your community or country at large , that you recommend tpo preserve or change.
bulletResearch: Your research may involve reading books, magazines and newspapaer, class discussions, talking to people about their views for your chosen custom and tradition. Keep a list of the books/magazines and newspapers you have read as well as record of people you talked to.
bulletMake a list of the reasons justifying your recommendations
bulletWrite the first draft and show it to the teacher for comments.
bulletSelf evaluate your report , using the following guide.
bulletPost your report online in the iEARN civics forum under the discussion heading ‘Customs and Traditions’ .


Students Checklist for Self Evaluation


Beginning: (3 points)


bulletI have clearly stated the custom and practice that I have identified for research.
bulletI have given a short description of the identified custom or tradition.
bulletI have clearly written the recommendations for changing or preserving.


Middle: (5 points)


bulletI have given strong and well articulated arguments/reasons to support my recommendation
bulletI have also described how the recommendation that I have made will improve the society.


Ending: (1 point)

bulletI have briefly described how as a youngster the entire process of critically thinking and discussing about this issue and  involving in this research have affected me as a youth. 


Presentation and Conventions:


bulletMy report is written, typed and word processed neatly.
bulletThere are proper headings and subheadings underlined or highlighted.
bulletThere are very few or no grammar, punctuation and spelling errors.

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