Digital Imaging Across Curriculum


An iEARN- GCEP Workshop


Duration: 8 hours


Timings:   9:00am-5:00pm


Participants: Teachers and Department Heads of  English, Social Studies, Art, Class teachers responsible for teaching from grades 3-10.



21st century brought with it a myriad of tech equipments of various level which are fast getting popular among our youth.  Digital imaging is one such innovation which is specially popular among the young people we work with in K-12 settings. Talk about the digital cameras or the very slim and handy cell phone with cameras, we always find our primary and middle graders very curious about it and ever ready and eager to handle them and play with these tech equipments.  Teachers can make a world of difference bringing these equipments in the classrooms and integrating their use as they engage students in different learning activities across the curriculum. This workshop is designed to enable educators to know the creative educational applications for digital cameras in educational settings.  


Images are great ways of self expression, creativity and presenting ideas. Several iEARN Online Projects utilizes digital imaging as final products of the projects that be shared with a global audience from 120 countries around the world. The workshop sessions will introduce the participants to integrate iEARN projects in the English, Science, Social Studies and Art project using digital images as the tool.


The workshop will cover the topics:


-         Use and care of digital cameras

-         Taking the perfect picture

-         Use of picture editing software

-         Scanning and transmitting digital images

-         Hands on experience of working on an online project that uses digital imaging.