Techniques and Strategies for Teaching English Language


 Duration: 21 hours 3 days


Time: 9:00am-4:00pm


Target Participants:  ESL/EFL Teachers with limited or no training, individual preparing to take up teaching positions as English Language Teachers. Good opportunity for schools to get all their new ELTs trained.


This Training programme is aimed will focus mainly on teaching techniques and strategies that will support lessons in teaching English as a Foreign Language in the primary and secondary classroom. The Introductory session will focus on challenging the beliefs of the participants with regard to different theories of learning languages and the role they play in the classroom. This session will begin with exploration of what learning is all about and how a nurturing and caring environment facilitates development of various innate abilities of learners. The participants will be involved in a variety of exercises focusing the four skills, grammar, and vocabulary. A range of activities will be shared with critical reflection on what can and cannot be done in the the classroom context. By the end of the training programme, the participants will have a battery of practical exercises. In the later part of the training sessions, participants will work on focused assignments related to the level they teach. In small groups they will work out strategies and activities that they can integrate in their lessons. They will then present their lessons to the whole group which will critique on the design and delivery of the lessons. Reflection will again be the core activity at every stage and participants will be asked to reflect on various aspects of the training sessions as they move along. Reflection questions/sheets will be provided to all participants.  Participants will get a copy of a well designed high quality  resource book that will be extremely helpful as they plan and teach their students.



Objectives of the Training Programme


Participants should complete the training with the following outcomes:


      Demonstrate understanding to techniques and strategies of planning and teaching English as a Foreign Language;


      Demonstrate understanding of what education and learning is;


      Have a battery of practical activities that they can implement in their classrooms;


      Demonstrate understanding of techniques of using interactive approaches to teaching languages using the prescribed textbooks.