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    SIE Professional Development Program 2016    
  iEARN Clubs Meeting


iEARN School Based Clubs is one of the programs of iEARN Pakistan, a project of Society for International Education. Aim is to empower students to become part of iEARN Community and help them use technology in a meaningful way. iEARN School Based Clubs  are running in schools as other ongoing clubs like Science Club, Book Reading Club, Language & Art Clubs, Media and Journalism Club etc.


The goal of this structured program is engage students in Online Collaborative Projects and hence improving their academic output. It also helps educators integrate iEARN Online projects with their lesson planning and open doors to global collaboration.




Reinventing Pedagogies:  Social Studies for better social understanding

After experiencing decades of marginalized teaching of social studies, the subject has lost its core value and spirit. Powerful social studies teaching helps students develop continuing understandings in the core content areas of civics, economics, geography, and history, and assure their readiness and willingness to assume citizenship responsibilities. Powerful social studies learning leads to a well-informed and civic-minded population that can sustain peacefully as a nation.

Reinventing pedagogies will be an extensive training workshop for social studies teachers. Authentic and powerful pedagogies will instill a deeper knowledge and understanding of the subject and its distinctive goals. This workshop will help teachers to prepare students to categorize, recognize and work to solve the challenges faced by the diversity of the world.

Strong education on ethnicity will fuel students to understand and acquire adaptable civic sense and social behaviors which will help them to evolve politically and display good morals and societal virtues.

Online Collaborative Learning in Education

Collaborative learning is an umbrella term for a variety of educational approaches, involving joint intellectual effort by students, or students and teachers together. iEARN Online Projects are based on collaborative learning strategies, designed to engaging students in meaningful technology based learning opportunities.

The workshop will focus on importance of online collaborative learning in education. During workshop, the participants will discuss strategies of collaborative learning and explore ways to implement them in teaching and learning through iEARN Online Collaborative Projects and other SIE projects that involve global collaboration. The iEARN Collaboration Space and steps to get involved in iEARN projects will be shared.


Event Reports-For Program Promotion and Media

News articles and stories are a great way for any group/organization to communicate their achievements, highlights and upcoming events. These can be great marketing tools and if done effectively would give fantastic visibility to the programs and efforts. 

This workshop will focus at introducing the basics of collecting information, documenting and compiling a news story. Based on simple journalistic principles, like information gathering, event reporting, pictorial reports participants will get hands on practice working on digital reports and creating a simple but informative news story and event coverage.


The Journey of School Development Planning

An effective planning process is an essential feature in every successful organization. Sometimes these plans are called ‘business plans’, ‘corporate plans’, or ‘development plans’, but they all have a common purpose and a common framework. Each plan focuses on organization’s current position; where would it be within a defined number of years; how would the organization bring about these achievements; and the performance indicators to measuring the progress and success.

In recent years, the school development plan has become a common and accepted way of setting out school’s curricular and other intentions. It provides a contextual framework within which the school can monitor, evaluate and improve the nature and quality of its curricular/ co-curricular activities and the standards achieved by its pupils. Key purpose of SDP is to assist the school to identify its strengths and weaknesses, to build on its strengths and address its weaknesses. In doing so, it offers an effective way to harness the collective expertise of the teachers, to promote team-working, and to plan for and implement change for improvement.

The workshop will take participants along with a cyclic journey of school development planning. It will help them reflect on school’s vision, mission, set manageable targets / timelines, possible challenges and action planning

Create Amazing Presentations for Classrooms

Creating a presentation or slideshow is a staple of any 21st Century Classroom and a skill that every successful educator has and every successful student should learn.  It used to be that only programs such as PowerPoint could create presentations.  However, now there are lots of sites and apps that not only create stunning presentations but also make it easier than ever. 

During the course of this workshop, participants will be given knowledge about creating powerful presentations, tips and techniques of making presentations attractive and readable. The participants will also be taught about online collaboration through creating media (presentations and animations) according to their audience.


Adobe Youth Voices Training

Adobe Youth Voices (AYV), the Adobe Foundation’s global signature philanthropy program, is an educational method­ology that provides youth 13 to 19 years of age with the inspiration, training, and technology to create original media works on issues they care about.

Society for International Education (SIE) has partnered with Adobe Foundation to provide complete training to educators who are willing to add new perspective to their teaching strategies.  This 2-day, face-to-face, comprehensive training for educators helps them understand basic program philosophy and  ignite their students’ creative talent with advanced digital media tools and powerful storytelling techniques


ELT via Songs

A ‘song’ is a combination of music and language, and has numerous virtues for language teaching and learning that deserve the attention of ESL teachers.  Their richness in culture and themes, their idiomatic and poetic expressions, and the use of authentic language makes songs a powerful tool for language teaching.

During the workshop, the participants will explore different ways songs can be used in language classrooms. Participants will be engaged in various activities, including listening as well as singing that will develop the workshop in a fun filled and ‘energizing’ session.
  Citizen Journalism for High School Students

Citizen Journalism also referred to as participatory journalism is a synergy between professional journalism and user generated content. A common untrained person contributes by collecting, reporting, analyzing and distributing around a piece of news. This workshop enables teachers to integrate journalistic activities as part of social studies, language, creative writing curriculums and school clubs.


Advance Documentary

Learn how to document various happenings around you using camera as a tool. The Advanced Documentary Production will help you learn tips and tactics of capturing the best stories with wonderful angles. The workshop will also help you to learn the Adobe Premier CS6 for editing your documentary along with studying different styles for documentary.

By the end of the workshop, participants will learn to develop story arc, create and edit HD video, learn sound recording and editing, transitions, color grading etc. This workshop is best opportunity for skill building of educators involved in their schools in video making and producing documentaries.

  Graphic Organizers as Learning Tools


Graphic organizers are powerful tools that can be used to enhance learning and create a foundation for learning.  Educators can present graphic organizers to students in different learning activities which can form a powerful visual picture of information and allows the mind 'to see' undiscovered patterns and relationships.


This workshop introduces a wide range of graphic organizers and to explore its use in different subject areas. The workshop will present a great selection of well designed graphic organizers that can be used for different levels and tasks as a part of teaching and learning tool.


Enhance your Images with Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Photoshop is one of the leading software, particularly popular amongst professional photographers and graphics designers, but when used in education, it helps incorporate 21st century skills in the classrooms. Adobe Photoshop and other Adobe tools help you keep up with new innovative ideas to promote an integrated learning environment.


In this workshop, the participants will learn basic Photoshop skills to engage students and enhance their creativity as well as critical thinking skills. They will also learn usage of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom software to efficiently manage their photo libraries and easy sharing. Students can utilize these skills to create school print and promotional materials, like newspapers, school magazines, event flyers, brochures, reports, portfolios etc. with more creativity and professional touch.


Developing Reflective Teaching-Learning Strategies

Reflective teaching is an effective strategy for teachers to analyze how teaching practice can be improved / changed for better learning outcomes. Some points of consideration in the reflection process are what is currently being done, why it's being done and how well students are learning. In addition, reflection should be incorporated into both pre-service and in-service teacher education courses for the purpose of growing capable teachers.

Based on the literature on effective teaching and reflection - participants will a) learn ways how to integrate reflective strategies for better teaching-learning; b) explore and enhance contemporary teaching approaches; c) develop inquiry skills; d) develop abilities of taking decisions that opposes to routine actions; e) develop collaboration among teachers. All based on well-research theories that lead to constructive change in teaching practice.

Inspiring Creativity: Technology in Arts Education

Through Arts Education, students gain self-confidence and self-esteem by expressing and exploring their identities, as well as communicating issues and personal reflections through alternative mediums of expression.

Combining the arts with technology can create new and exciting ways to keep students motivated and engaged in the learning process and the world around them.


Create animated titles with Adobe After Effects

In this workshop of Adobe After Effects, you’ll learn Typography animations and motion graphics tips. No experience in After Effects is needed to take this course. We are living in amazing times. If you want to learn, After Effects can help you make high quality video titles and text animations that will save you huge amounts of time, effort, and money.

By the end of the workshop, participants will learn basic animation, HD Composition settings, text animation tools, animation presets and synchronizing sound with animations.

This workshop is for those who would love to create their own creative animated titles for videos and projects. If you are good in quick learning and call yourself IT guru or digital native this is the best chance to start title animation with After Effects.


Teach English Effectively

Language learning is a cognitive skill. We interpret our ideas and thoughts in terms of language. Our capability of playing with words and creating a new dimension has always given a creative approach to language.

During recent years, a dialogue has been developed over approaches to structure effective lesson planning, implementing and teaching. In the Language classrooms - there is always a room to bring innovations in the teaching-learning process. Learners never enjoy the learning approach where they are given no liberty to experiment with their own language skills.  In the workshop we will be focusing on variety of activities that can catalyze language learning process through which learners can be kept motivated, and how to engage learners effectively.