Society for International Education

iEARN Centre, Pakistan

 SIE/iEARN Professional Development Program

January-June 2016 - Karachi



Workshop Title:           Learning and Sharing through Animation

Time:                                 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Date:                                 Saturday, 26th  March, 2016

Focused participants: All subject teachers of primary and middle school level




The two major approaches to use media and technology in Education are to learn from technology and to learn with technology. The first approach, to learn ‘from’ technology is referred to be more instructional based, while the second approach that is to learn ‘with’ technology uses cognitive tools for analyzing, accessing and interpreting information, organizing their personal knowledge, and express their ideas.

Animation is one of the techniques that can be used effectively at any age level and with any subjects including Science, Social Studies, Math and Language Arts. It teaches students a variety of skills, from teamwork, to problem solving, critical thinking, and more. It's a new and innovative way to make learning fun and provide students with immediate satisfaction and a sense of achievement.


Objectives of the Training


During the workshop sessions, participants will:

  • learn the entire animation process, including pre-production, production and post-production steps using technology.

  • learn about more ways to incorporate Stop Motion into your classroom in a highly creative and very cool way

  • find ways to engage students in creation of content-based digital animations to expand and deepen their understanding of classroom curriculum.

  • learn to build self-confidence through making short animation projects, while learning new skills