Professional Development Program



“Using Digital Tools for Creative Classroom Projects”


The Ministry of Education –Government of Pakistan have recently launched its first ever  National Information and Communications Technology Strategy in Education. The document clearly emphasized the potential of ICT and the skills to use ICT to enhance learning as key to preparing citizens of the 21st Century and competing in the global market place (NICT pg.4).  iEARN Centre Pakistan has long been in the field of ICT providing support and ICT based innovative teaching and learning opportunities to K-12 schools and educators.


Using Digital Tools for Creative Classroom Projects is yet another iEARN-Centre Pakistan’s effort to introduce cutting edge ICT based teaching strategies to educators.  iEARN Pakistan, as part of its Global Connections and Exchange Program presents this digitally exciting and creative training program. 


 During the 2-day hands on training program, the workshop participants will learn to engage students in  interactive, student-centered, cooperative learning by effectively integrating digital project in the curriculum they teach. In this workshop, participants will experience how easy it is to integrate digital media like cameras, scanners, sound-recording devices, video camcorders and creative software into the classroom curriculum.  The workshop activities will enable the teachers to engage their students in using the digital tools to produce digital media  for learning content. The various sessions of the course will present easy to use resources including software, shareware as well as print materials including some UNICEF developed resources. Each workshop participant will get a resource binder and a CD Rom packed with resources that will not only help the teachers during the workshop but would also be a great resource for them to use later on as they implement the projects in their classroom and with colleagues.  


Participants Criteria: The workshop will employ the use of a range of digital tools and in completely hands on. So the workshop participants are required to:


-   Have excellent literacy in basic computer skills including understanding of Microsoft Office application.

-    Can download/install software or have technical support in school to help them.

-    Has an interest and a talent for creativity.

-  Willing to integrate at least one iEARN digital project with a classroom in the forthcoming academic session.



 Workshop Details:



Duration:                    2 days 14 hours



Time:                          9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (Including lunch and refreshments)



Workshop  Evaluation






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