iEARN Curriculum Enrichment Program



Workshop Title: Once Upon a Time!!!! Writing Folktales

Target Professionals: English Language; English Literature and Literacy teachers, Curriculum Coordinators and Head of the English Departments.

Time: 6Hours session from 9:00am-3:00pm


Folktales are a part of the culture and heritage in every culture and country around the world. Folktales are often passed down and retold from generation to generation. Folktales are  stories of animals that act like humans, enchanted kingdoms, heroes, unusual people that live in a world of wonder and magic having super natural powers. Most of these stories convey a message, values or moral to the reader, or explain something in a creative way. These are the reasons why folktales are a very important and significant part of the primary and middle school curriculums.

Once upon a time is a teacher focused workshop designed to help them engage students in interesting creative writing activities using a variety of story writing techniques. The workshop presents a very well designed set of step by step activities leading the participants to write their own folktales. The workshop presents materials, tips and guidelines that can be useful in engaging students in writing, publishing folktales and stories in general for the iEARN Folktales Project.

Once upon a time is a workshop ideal for educators and schools in need of improving the writing skills of their primary and middle school students. Participants will be given a very useful set of handouts containing materials, worksheets and lesson plans that can be used right away in their classrooms.