Society for International Education

iEARN Centre, Pakistan

 SIE/iEARN Professional Development Program

January-June 2016 - Karachi


Workshop Title:                      Using Green Screen Effects in Media Making”

Time:                                           9:00 am - 4:00 pm  

Date:                                            Saturday, 28th May, 2016

Focused participants:              IT teachers, subject teachers, students and all other interested participants


Pre-requisite:                            Command over technology and experience in media making projects                                                                                               




The workshop focuses on using the technique of Green Screen to create videos, newscasts, commercials and digital stories. It also explores different ways to film and guide about ideal shooting conditions. Further, the workshop aims at guiding the teachers about different ways to integrate this technique in their classrooms to make it more interactive and unique.


The Adobe tools and applications can be used effectively to promote excellence in the classroom. The workshop will focus on introducing the Green Screen technique using Adobe Premier Software. It will also provide the participants with hands-on practice of the software and Green Screen technique.


Aims and Objectives:

The workshop will enable the participants to

1.                           get familiar with Green Screen Effects

2.                           learn application of Green Screen technique using Adobe tools

3.                           learn ways to incorporate Green Screen technique in their classrooms

practice using Green Screen technique and produce a media piece