Society for International Education

iEARN Centre, Pakistan

 SIE/iEARN Professional Development Program

January-June 2016 - Karachi


Workshop Title:                Poetry-Appreciating and teaching it

Time:                                      9:00 am - 4:00 pm  

Date:                                       Saturday, 16th April, 2016

Focused participants:       English language teachers from grade 5 onwards




Poetry, one of the most likable genres of literature must be read and taught with enjoyment and appreciation. Unfortunately, many students in schools (K-12) do not find learning literature of any significant value, hence resentment and disapproval is what we find in most of the students when they study poetry. In order to inculcate love for poetry among students, strategies that will help students analyze and appreciate poetry, techniques that will assist students in understanding the layers of the poem and approaches that will polish studentsí responses; is what this workshop will aim for.


The workshop will particularly be for English Language teachers (especially those who teach English to higher grades) who find teaching poetry a challenge in their classrooms. The workshop will help share ideas as to how different strategies can be used that can engage students fully and will help them appreciate poetry.