iEARN Centre-Pakistan

(A Project of Society for International Education)


                     Professional Development Program 2007



Workshop Title: Writing Report Card Comments


Duration: 9:00-3:00pm


Venue: iEARN Centre-Karachi




Grades are designed to define the student's progress and provide information about the skills that he/she has or has not acquired. Nevertheless, grades are often not detailed enough to give parents or the student him/herself a thorough understanding of what he/she has actually learned or accomplished (Wiggins, 1994; Hall, 1990).

Student’s parents are informed of their child’s progress throughout the academic year. Among the many ways, one is through the written progress reports. Report card comments are great ways of further explaining the grades a student receives. Despite the fact that schools have different policies concerning the report card's comments and format, most teachers are  


required to include the written comments about the student's progress. Considering the number of students in each classroom, and the long time needed to complete each report         card.  Often at times, a teacher finds herself writing concise, personal, and informative comments, a daunting and challenging task.

This workshop is designed specifically to address this demanding need of a teacher’s job. The various session of the workshop focuses on helping teachers learn to use constructive vocabulary and how to frame phrases for effective report card comment.  The session will also help the teachers to write General progress report card comments as well as specific subject comments. Each participant will also get a small booklet of sample report card comments for different subject areas. In addition participants will also get to use software for generating comments.

By the end of this workshop participants would be able to: