Society for International Education

iEARN Centre, Pakistan

 SIE/iEARN Professional Development Program

January-June 2016 - Karachi



Workshop Title:                Learning English through Songs

Time:                                      9:00 am - 2:00 pm  

Date:                                       Saturday, 12 March, 2016

Focused participants:      English Language teachers




 A ‘song’ is a combination of music and language, and has numerous virtues for language teaching and learning that deserve the attention of ESL teachers.  Their richness in culture and themes, their idiomatic and poetic expressions, and the use of authentic language makes songs a powerful tool for language teaching.

During the workshop, the participants will explore different ways songs can be used in language classrooms. The various activities, including listening as well as singing, will make it a fun filled and ‘energizing’ session.