What Do I Need To Do To Join A Project?

Step One:


Choose a project that fits your curriculum. It is best to do this by reading through the project descriptions, and also reading through on-line messages in this project forum to gain some ideas about the ongoing discussions and contributions. Visiting the "teachers' lounge will keep you informed as to what other teachers are working on or are planning to get started on.


Step Two:

Create a list of your objectives to choosing and joining this project. Create a tentative time-frame and lesson progression. The content and process form can be handy in teacher-parents conferences; it will help you to share with parents the objectives met in the project. The project "action-plan" is handy in your meetings with your school coordinator to share all the activities related to the project and the time spent to achieve them.


Step Three:

Contact the facilitator and write an introductory email introducing yourself, your students, where you are from, and your objectives of joining the project. All facilitators are listed beside the description of the project.


Step Four:


Introduce the project to your students, talk about what iEARN is and prepare them for online collaboration. Have students read other studentsí writing already posted from that particular project.


Step Five:

Have students respond to other studentsí writing using the writing process.


Step Six:

Have students write and publish their own writing within the project.


Step Seven:

Continue participation of the project as planned with your students and the project coordinator.