Values that my Parents Taught Me


Kristen Bannon, Notre Dame Academy, Worcester, Massachusetts (USA)


Parents -- "you are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth". Kahlil Gibran

Here are some of the values that my parents taught me.


They always tell me to speak the truth, because it is the first step that will take me to success. If I tell a lie, I will have to tell that lie in every walk of life, so it would be good for me to speak the truth from the beginning. They also tell me to be honest with everyone and in everything I do. I may feel difficulties in the present, but this is the road to success in the future. Another value that they tell me is to respect my elders and to love those who are younger. By respecting the elders, I will get prayers from them and by giving love to those who are younger, I will feel an internal peace.

We should obey our parents because they are older and have a lot more experience.

Muhammad Salman, IEARN Pakistan

BE YOURSELF--my parents told me to stick to my own values and what makes me happy--not to be swayed by peer pressure.

DREAM--I should always dream "big" and aspire to do my best. I shouldn't let obstacles stand in the way of my goals.

RESPECT--I should always respect myself and everyone else.

COMPASSION--I should always show mercy and kindness towards other people and treat them in a way that I want to be treated.

STAY SAFE AND CLEAN--I shouldn't harm myself by doing drugs and putting my health at risk.

HONESTY--It is important to tell the truth. Lies can hurt those that tell them and everyone else as well.

SHOW YOUR APPRECIATION--My parents have taught me to always be thankful for my gifts.

PEACEMAKING--The virtue of peacemaking is one of the most important. Conflict harms others as well as yourself.

Colleen Regan, Notre Dame Academy, Worcester, Massachusetts (USA)



My parents taught me to be independent

and to have my own opinions and thoughts.

Instead of going along with everyone else, or following the popular idea,

they taught me to think for myself.


Honesty is very important to me and my family.

I try to always be honest with myself as well as others.


My parents..taught me to wait

until I'm in a committed

and caring relationship.

Laura Belrose, Notre Dame Academy, Worcester, Massachusetts (USA)

My parents taught me some virtues that are of great help for me in my present and future life.

I am responsible since I stay home alone with my two brothers and take good care of them. Although it is a big responsibility, but my parents trust me and say that I am mature enough to handle it.

I am honest because I do not hide anything from my mother who is my best friend.
I am patient and persistent since I try hard to reach my goal and never nag or complain.
I think that responsibility, persistence and honesty will benefit me in my future life. I have learnt all these values from my parents that sacrifice their life to help me build up my personality. God bless them!

Amani Haffoudah, Rafic Hariri High School, Saida, Lebanon


My parents have taught me virtues from the day I was born. They feel that it is very important to teach me moral values. Some of the most important virtues that my parents taught me are: honesty, respect for persons, and peace-making.

My parents stressed that it is wrong to lie. One lie will always lead to another lie and so on, until the truth is completely lost and the lies become reality. If you are honest, even if things look grim, in the end, everything will work out for the better.

Another virtue my parents taught is respect for persons. Every person is as equal to the next person and that no one is better than anyone else. Everyone is an individual, which makes us all different. Being different does not make you better or worse than the next person. It does not matter if you are rich or poor, black or white, fat or thin, everyone is equal in God's eyes.

My parents always encourage me to use peacemaking as a way to resolve conflicts with others. The best way to resolve a conflict is to talk things out and listen to all sides of the problem. By using a loving and caring approach, the conflict can be resolved in a peaceful manner.

Everyday of my life I am faced with obstacles that I must deal with. I am grateful to my parents for teaching me these values.

Stephanie Walters, Notre Dame Academy, Worcester, Massachusetts (USA)

I think that as we mature, and as we find ourselves, we carry along all of the things that our parents have taught us along the way. I think that they will continue teaching us things even when they don't even mean to.

Sharaya Matheson, Notre Dame Academy, Worcester, Massachusetts (USA)


Our parents are role models for us. They teach us to be honest, loving, gentle to others, cool tempered, and tolerant.

Farhin Tahir and Saira Aslam, City District Government Girls High School, Nai Basti, Lahore, Pakistan


My mom is always telling me to be polite and treat others the way I want to be treated. I love my parents very much. Love is a big part of life and a great virtues.

Melanie and Briana, Memorial Middle School, Laconia, New Hampshire (USA)

Lucy Gotta, Notre Dame Academy, Worcester, Massachusetts (USA)



When I was in the seventh and eighth grade, I had to face one of my greatest fears--rejection by friends. It was a time when three of the most important values that my parents had taught me throughout my life came into use. My peers put my sense of loyalty, friendship, and courage to the test.

Our class consisted of 31 students who had known each other since the first grade. In junior high, most of us had chosen groups of friends that we preferred to hang out with during our free time. I soon found that the majority of our class began to pester my best friend, cracking jokes about him and spreading rumors around the rest of the school that weren't true. I didn't want to have the same people making jokes and saying disrespectful things about me, but I knew that I couldn't just sit back and let my best friend deal with this alone.

Everyday I would think about my friend, knowing that he was getting more and more depressed as time went by. I soon decided to talk to my mother about it, since she is like a second mother to my friend. Her advice was to be brave and remain loyal to him. She told me that friendship is one of the most important things in life that helps a person grow. My mother told me to have courage and stand up for my friend, even if it meant risking my own reputation.

I took her advice and used it for all that it was worth. Even though I did receive rejection from my peers, I don't regret my decision. I told my friend that I would always be there for him, through "thick and thin". Using the values my parents taught me, I not only stood up for what I believed in, but I became even closer with my best friend because of it.

Alison Deknis, Notre Dame Academy, Worcester, Massachusetts (USA)


My parents taught me some virtues which are of great help for me in my present and future life. I am responsible since I stay home alone with my two brothers and take care of them. Although it is a big responsibility, my parents trust me and say that I am mature enough to handle it.

I am honest, because I do not hide anything from my mother, who is my best friend.

I am patient and persistent, since I try hard to reach my goal and never nag or complain. I think that responsibility, persistence, and honesty will benefit me in my future life. I have learned all these values from my parents who sacrifice their life to help me build up my personality. God bless them.

Amani Haffoudah, Rafic Hariri High School, Saida, Lebanon


Cody and I are allowed to stay home with our younger siblings. Our parents think weíre responsible too.

Cody and James, Memorial Middle School, Laconia, New Hampshire (USA)


Here is a poem that speaks of some of the many virtues my parents have taught me throughout my life:

Liz Schreiner, Notre Dame Academy, Worcester, Massachusetts (USA)


They don't mind where I am

Who I'm with

When I'm home

I must be honest

To let them know that I am okay.

If I have done something wrong

It's not a big deal

I tell them the truth

And it will turn out okay.

They can trust me

So others can trust me and

I can trust myself.

Lily Goodman, Notre Dame Academy, Worcester, Massachusetts (USA)

My parents have taught me three important things,

These things help me in sticky situations and protect me from harmful dings.

All through my life these three points have been stressed,

Believe me after hearing this your conscience will certainly be at rest.

The first is when under peer pressure or in a bad situation donít choke,

Just look back and remember do not drink or smoke.

The second tells us not to lie,

Just tell the truth, for in the end, it will always get you by.

Some people feel that with lying you will always win,

But always remember lying is a sin.

The third thing is to always remember to be yourself.

Because people want to know the real you not you acting like Sally or Ralf.

These three things come in real handy,

They make situations go from sticky to sandy.

My parents are smart for teaching me these three virtues,

So to my parents I say" thank you".

They seem so insignificant and little,

But they are so much more then that,

So, learn them well do not procrastinate or diddle.

These three values will help you in years to come,

So now that I have taught them to you I am done.

Elena Simoncini, Notre Dame Academy, Worcester, Massachusetts (USA)


Everyone in this world wants and wishes to be an excellent person, but no one will be, if we sit and only wish without working and studying. If we work hard and study, we will be excellent persons and succeed in life. We cannot get anything without working. That is what my mother keeps telling me and I understand.

Tharwat Elani, Hajj Bahaa Hariri School, Saida, Lebanon


My mom wants me to be kind, honest, generous, responsible, and patient. Sometimes I do act like that, but other times I donít. But I try.

Melanie, Memorial Middle School, Laconia, New Hampshire (USA)

My mom teaches me how to be kind and honest, etc. by just teaching me. If Iím not kind and honest, etc., she will ground me.

Briana, Memorial Middle School, Laconia, New Hampshire (USA)

My parents always stress politeness, love, honesty, responsibility, sharing, and caring. I have tried to do the same with my children both at home and at school. Virtues are what hold the world together.

Sameena Rizavi


My parents are always telling me to do this and do that and if I donít, they ground me. If your parents donít ground you then that meansÖthey donít love you. Why? Because if they donít teach you to do the right thing, then they are saying "do whatever you want".

Kaitlyn, Memorial Middle School, Laconia, New Hampshire (USA)


My parents have always showed me the importance of family Even though they've moved to the United States, they are always supporting their parents back home in India. Also, when we go back to India, each time we spend all of our time with our family. Without the love of family, I would never know the true meaning of family.


My parents have also taught me the importance of education. My dad is a teacher and my mom takes courses online. This shows their pursuit of education. Also my parents' continuing interest and support of my education, shows me the importance of education.


My parents have invested me with a strong passion for my Indian heritage. Sometimes we speak my parents' native language of Bengali. This, in and of itself, teaches me about my culture. My parents also encourage me to take part in Indian dances and functions.

These three things my parents have taught me.

Kamolika Roy, Notre Dame Academy, Worcester, Massachusetts (USA)


The best gift I have received in my whole life is reverence, for it gets me close to God. Being close to God is always helpful for me. I am blessed by Godís love. Praying gives me the feeling that everything in the universe is safe under the hands of God. I never think of going astray.

I wouldnít have been aware of religion and the beauty of believing in God, if it werenít for my parents who taught me how to pray and helped me to understand the world. I was young and not aware of what life is like. Being religious makes people judge me even before really knowing me. I am known for my kindness, friendliness, and generosity. These values I acquired through my religion. It tells people to help the poor, respect others, have faith in God, and treat people equally.

Sana Taleb, Rafic Hariri High School, Saida, Lebanon


Without my ParentsÖ

Without my parents, I do not know what kind of person I would be.

I cannot imagine my world without them; I just would not be "me".

My mom and dad have taught me so much about life and about living.

For instance, they have taught me how to love, to be honest, and forgiving.

I try to practice these important moral values throughout my daily life.

I believe that if everyone loved one another, there would not be as much strife.

If we were all a little more truthful, there would be no more heartaches.

And we must learn to pardon one another, because sometimes we all make mistakes.

This is now the end of my poem, and I hope that you have been able to see,

How much I love my mom and dad, and what their wise words mean to me.

Deirdre A. Milionis, Notre Dame Academy, Worcester, Massachusetts (USA)


Most people say that a person is known by his values and virtues. In my opinion, oneís virtues are the basis of his personality. Love, friendship, and loyalty are universal values that are taken for granted. So, I will concentrate on ability and frankness, two things we are missing nowadays.

To be able, a person should know how to act and what decisions to make. He should be aware of his inner potentials and strengths. This person ought to get over his problems, tear down all the walls that block his path and never give up. This person has to seek knowledge everywhere, be humble at all times, and stay true to himself and others.

In addition, frankness is an essential value that goes along with ability. Truth always leads to the right way, no hidden faces or fake feelings.

You may think that a person my age isnít conscious of the world and what is happening around her. Still, I believe that fourteen years of living in contact with the world is enough to know and collect some experience! Besides, being with a family that believes that ability, persistence, along with frankness and ambition, helps a lot.

All through my years, I have cherished honesty and chosen my mates based on this quality, knowing that to be true is to be yourself. Last, I would like to add that all my qualities are values. I am proud to have inherited these qualities and learned them from my role models, my loving parents!

Jana Noureddine, Rafic Hariri High School, Saida, Lebanon


Katey Doyle, Notre Dame Academy, Worcester, Massachusetts (USA)

Compassion, love, honesty, politeness, and responsibility. Although no one is perfect, my parents have raised me very well and helped me to understand and live by these values that have helped me to grow into the person that I am. They also help me to be the person I want to be. I am very grateful for the way I have been raised and I think that everyone should take the time to realize how much our parents actually do for us.

Erin Iandoli, Notre Dame Academy, Worcester, Massachusetts (USA)

My Motherís Words

Marissa Frongillo, Notre Dame Academy, Worcester, Massachusetts (USA)


My Parents

Through their truthfulness, I learned to be honest

And to always do what I know is just.

Even if I failed in otherís eyes,

I would always have their trust.

Through their strength, I learned to have courage,

With their help, I could conquer it all.

When feat made it too hard to be brave,

They showed me it was alright to fall.

Through their love, I learned compassion,

How to reach out to those in need.

Even when hardships are in the way,

With their help I know I can succeed.

They gave me strength when I wouldnít have fought,

Through them, I learned the lessons that canít be taught.

Jen Carilo, Notre Dame Academy, Worcester, Massachusetts (USA)


Of the many virtues my parents have taught me, I find that appreciation, understanding, and courage are the most important.

Once I saw a sign on a church that said: "Everyone should be quick to listen and slow to speak." This accurately describes what my parents have taught me. Although it is sometimes hard, we need to put in the effort to hold back the judgments and opinions that stop us from listening to a person and seeing where they are coming from.

Every since I was little, my parents have also told me that the right thing to do isnít necessarily the easy thing. They taught me courage. Even in small situations, for example when someone is being picked on, the courage to stand up for the good can make a big difference. My parents have always encouraged this.

Meghan Daigle, Notre Dame Academy, Worcester, Massachusetts (USA)

Erin Carden, Notre Dame Academy, Worcester, Massachusetts (USA)


When you are a child, you hear you parents tell you not to hit others or play with your food. As I have grown, my parents have striven to impress upon me three very important virtues in order to mold me into a mature and productive adult.

The first is respect. I have learned that knowing my place on the, shall we say, "family food chain" has always been a necessity in my home. This is not to say that my parents are never wrong, but challenging them on most subjects is not an option. They have been through everything that I am going through already. They are wiser than I am and I have certainly learned to hold them, and others in high regard for all that they do and have done.

Another virtue is honesty. If I lie, my parents will always find out. My parents have told me, time and time again, that I can talk to them about anything and that I can always be honest with them. Yes, sometimes telling the truth can get you into trouble. However, lying and then being caught, I have learned, leads to even greater consequences.

The third is to be open-minded. I am lucky to have grown up in a highly diverse society filled with people of all religions, races, and social standing. Being introduced the diversity throughout my life has helped mold me into an understanding and open-minded individual. My parents taught me to base my opinion of someone on their character and not on what they wear or think. I am forever grateful for those ideas.

My parents have taught me numerous other virtues, however, it is these three virtues that I feel are most prevalent and influential in my life.

Rachel King, Notre Dame Academy, Worcester, Massachusetts (USA)

Abby Canfield, Notre Dame Academy, Worcester, Massachusetts (USA)


We all know how annoying parents can be. Then, you see how much they have taught you, and that all seems to go away. Three of the most important values they taught me are respect, honesty, and courage.

"Sometimes you will meet people in life that you don't agree with or don't like, but no matter what you have to respect them and try to get along with them." I don't know how many times my father has told me that, but it is burned into my brain. Respect is something that we don't see enough of in the world today.

I remember my mother telling me that there are no simple paths or easy ways to get to where you want to be. Obstacles are everywhere, but you need to be brave and travel down the more difficult path. By doing this you grow and change, but you become a better person.

Courage has played a large role in my life. Many choices I have made have not been easy. They have led to scary times and sad times, but I've grown and I've never given up because I know to be brave.

The last virtue I've been taught is honesty. This is another one that my dad has burned into my brain. "Once you lose trust it is very hard to get back" Being honest and being trustworthy go hand in hand in my family. If you lie then you lose their trust, if you tell the truth you gain more trust.

Kate Liddell, Notre Dame Academy, Worcester, Massachusetts (USA)


As a child, you learn from your parents what they think is best,

Courtney Lincoln, Notre Dame Academy, Worcester, Massachusetts (USA)


They raised me up to walk through life not judging,

looking at each person, respecting what they bring.

They gave me instruction to spread my share of kindness,

breaking the shell of hardness, helping all in pain.

They gave me love, to entirely love my neighbors,

Iíll spread it far, so that all eyes can see.

They raised me up so that I can grow with Jesus,

transfoming all wickedness, discovering his divine reign.

Lauren Kassira, Notre Dame Academy, Worcester, Massachusetts (USA)


My parents have taught my brother and me many things. We were taught to respect ourselves as well as others, always to be honest, and to shoot for the stars.

I can always remember my mom saying "Blood is thicker than water," meaning: always to stick up for or stand beside your family because they are never going to leave you. Family is important and we must respect this.

Compassion is something that we must have as well. Without compassion, the world in which we live would be a very hostile place.

I think that my parents have taught me things that will benefit myself and the world. I hope that if I ever have children I will be able to teach them half as many values as my parents have taught me.

Meghan O'Day, Notre Dame Academy, Worcester, Massachusetts (USA)

My parents have taught me many wonderful virtues, but they stressed three important ones: wise judgement, honesty, and respect.

They taught me wise judgment, to always make the correct decisions. In some cases, a wise decision is easy to make because the good choice is obvious, but sometimes, wise decisions are difficult to make. As long as you choose the wise judgment for the very important decisions in life, you are on the right track.

Trust is very important to my parents because they like to give me freedom so I can learn from my own experiences. To them, trust is freedom. My parents trust me and as long as I donít break their trust, they give me a lot of freedom.

My parents want me to be a respectful person. They taught me to respect everything and everyone God created because if God made something, it is worth my respect.

I am a better person because of their teaching and examples.

Katelyn Desautels, Notre Dame Academy, Worcester, Massachusetts (USA)


Growing up can be difficult for many teens, and some say that they are the hardest years of their life. This is why parents desperately try to teach their children basic virtues growing up.

Trust and compassion are vital virtues in a personís life. Without them, this world would be full of hatred, manipulation, and fear.

Every child is taught to love, live life to the fullest, and be the best person that they can be. Parents teach children to enjoy their early years because they are unable to go back and live them over. My parents have always told me to "enjoy the ride", and in the end, the outcome will be worthwhile.

Although parents and children might not always see eye to eye on certain subjects, if children are open to listen to their parentís advice, many lifelong lessons can be learned.

From experience, I have realized that when I listen to my parents, I have been able to accept and respect people, and because of their lessons, I have become a better person.

Liz Corrao, Notre Dame Academy, Worcester, Massachusetts (USA)


All of our parents have had a strong impact on our lives, be it positive or negative. Either way, our parents have instilled in us the values that we will take with us through our lives. Alhough I don't always get along with my parents, I am very aware of the values they have shown me.

The major value my parents have shown me is the difference between right and wrong. I know that they have always tried hard to show me that the decisions I make will have an effect on my future, so I should always try my best to use good judgement.

Respect has also been a virtue that my parents have taught me. First, my parents taught me to have respect for myself and to never let anyone convince me to believe otherwise. Also, my parents taught me to have respect for all other people and things around me.

The virtues my parents have taught me have shown me that I have to be conscious of the decisions I make in various situations. These virtues my parents have shown me have helped me become a better person.

Elizabeth Hamel, Notre Dame Academy, Worcester, Massachusetts (USA)

My parents have focused on teaching me to respect and grow within myself and to respect others. Honesty, compassion, and wise judgment are the three most important virtues they have instilled in me. Along with honesty, compassion is a very important virtue because one must understand others' needs to develop healthy relationships. Wise judgment is valuable. My parents have taught me to look at the situation, analyze it, face any obstacle, and sort out the best possible solution(s).

Sasha David, Notre Dame Academy, Worcester, Massachusetts (USA)


My parents have always played a huge role in my life. I grew up in a large family and have 5 brothers. They have taught me much. Every single day I am reminded of how much my parents love me. Even though my dad might yell a bit in the morning to get me up out of my beauty sleep and protests when I am late for school-every morning. When I pull my backpack out of the car, he says, "Have a good day at school, I love you."

When I come home from school, my mom is waiting to hear all about my high school triumphs and "that dreaded Chemistry test." I know that it is baby-ish, but I still can't really fall asleep until she says "Good-night, see you in la MaŮana!"

Another value is R-E-S-P-E-C-T. I have learned to respect my elders, nature, my siblings, and others. They have also taught me to respect myself. To name one more value, it would be Wise Judgement. I have been raised a Catholic with a firm rooting in the faith. I believe I am a better person because they have taught me to pray for guidance from God.

Emma Goljan, Notre Dame Academy, Worcester, Massachusetts (USA)


Lindsay Belec, Notre Dame Academy, Worcester, Massachusetts (USA)


Many years have passed in my life,

Many people have come and gone;

And as I continue to walk this earth,

I carry along the virtues from my parents.

Number one is always love,

For it is the building block in life.

We need to love and show our care

To everybody, everywhere.

Next in line comes respect,

Which we need to display to all.

I learned form my parents early on

Everyone is equal and deserves to be heard.

Lastly and most important of all

My parents taught me to have faith.

Faith in people, faith in myself,

And faith in Godís power in heaven.

My parents have taught me

Lots of things,

But I will forever carry these three virtues

No matter where the road may lead.

Kristin Thayer, Notre Dame Academy, Worcester, Massachusetts (USA)


There are many virtues my parents have taught me throughout life. The most important are respect, honesty, and to stand up for what you believe in.

Ali Carroll, Notre Dame Academy, Worcester, Massachusetts (USA)

God sends children to enlarge our hearts, and to make us unselfish and full of kindly sympathies and affections. (Mary Howitt)


Tegan Guilfoyle, Notre Dame Academy, Worcester, Massachusetts (USA)

My Parents Taught Me

Katie Foley, Notre Dame Academy, Worcester, Massachusetts (USA)


Often, the information my parents have taught me seemed to be a burden to me or pointless. However, the lessons I have been taught by my parents are what have shaped me into person I have become. The lessons of being loving, appreciative, and independent are some of the best things my parent have taught me and they will help me to get through life as a good person.

They taught me to love everyone and everything no matter how much the other person may not love me. If you lack love, then you lack on many other virtues as well.
Appreciating family, friends, and possessions is also important. We are so blessed to receive them and nothing you have should be taken for granted.
Being an independent person is a virtue that is necessary to have in order to grow as a person and experience wonderful new things.

Although at times when my parents were teaching me these virtues it was annoying, I am lucky to have had learned such wonderful things from them.
Andrea Pascuzzi, Notre Dame Academy. Worcester, Massachusetts (USA)


As a child, I was taught that honesty, love, reverence for human life, and respect for people were some of the most important values. My parents exemplified honesty in their own relationship as well as with colleagues, friends, and their children. They have also taught me to value love. Strong friendships, marriages, and families rely on a loving foundation. All virtues depend on love. To love our enemies is challenging but necessary in our everyday lives. I was taught that it was acceptable to state that I didn't particularly like a person because of their actions, but it was necessary that I maintained the love I had for others as humans reflecting the image of God. Love is much stronger than dislike for enemies because it strengthens hope and faith despite conflict.

Reverence for human life is also important. Human life is sacred and should be revered more frequently than it is today. Wars and violence distort the natural value of human life more than anything. War, rather than being a solution to conflict, delays unity and negotiation. It is important to respect human life by turning away from violence and expressing one's reverence for life. Itís necessary to treat everyone equally regardless of the way we are treated by others. If I am accepting, kind, and genuine to others I will be contributing to world of peace and justice.

Julianne Martin, Notre Dame Academy, Worcester, Massachusetts (USA)


My parents have taught me many values so far.

And Iím proud to say what treasures they are.

The one that will always stick with me

Is to try my best and the happier I will be.

Respect for persons is a virtue so great;

It spreads kindness and tries to eliminate hate.

Last but not least, honesty is the key

To developing a good characteróone that everyone wishes to be.

So I thank my parents, who are my teachers and my friends,

And who continuously support me to all ends.

Anastasia Exarchos, Notre Dame Academy, Worcester, Massachusetts (USA)


My mother, father, grandmother, relatives,

And some treasured friends and teachers too,

Taught me lovingly, the things I should do.

I should be kind, honest, tolerant, understand,

And stand up for what is right and just.

Have faith in God and always know, that he will bring good out of eviló

We just need to believe and trust.

Stand by friends and those in need.

Sacrifice and always do all you can for familyó

Always give them love and support.

Take responsibility for my actions.

Be true to my values.

Remember the good and forgive the bad.

Pray, live life, and love always.

Do good whenever I can.

Give to the needy.

Visit the sick.

Work for peace.

Give of my time and talents to all.

Strive to be the best that I can be.

Donít give up when things get tough.

Donít be afraid of challenges.

Donít be afraid to make mistakes but also learn from them.

Donít be afraid to forgive and ask for forgiveness.

Donít be afraid to take risks.

Donít be afraid to try again.

Donít be afraid and

Donít stop learning, hoping, believing, trusting, caring, giving, and loving.

Have no fear for the future (though it always isnít easy), for God is there.

These are the things they put into my "backpack" to help me through life.

These are also the things my best friend and husband, Jim, and I

Try to teach those dearest to our hearts--our children Colleen, Shannon, and Sean,

And all the students we teach and who are also a special part of our lives.

This poem is simple, the message is true.

I am grateful to all who helped me to see its value.

Mary Ann Gormley, Upton, Massachusetts (USA)


(Rev. Theodore Hesburgh, President, Notre Dame University, USA)