Community Service

Community service is an activity that you volunteer for that in some way benefits members of your community. The promotion of volunteerism, i.e. a favorable attitude toward volunteer work in the minds of individuals, is seen as the primary purpose of community service activities.  As it directly benefits to the community through the work performed. Community service includes activities such as:

See the attached list as a partial resource of possible community service activities. Please feel free to be original and seek out new activities and ideas.

Before starting with a community service activity one should keep in mind that one does not get paid for a community service as the idea here is to volunteer ones’ time to help out an individual or community at large without getting some thing in return.

Benefits of Community Service Activities


A community service activity has a lot of benefits some of which are mentioned below:

      It helps individuals understand the real world and common-sense problem solving.

      It helps individuals understand the needs of the community.

      It brings people closer together.

      Individuals should give something back to the community. 

      Community service teaches the importance of altruism; less self-absorption; more consideration of others. 

      Community service is a means by which the community gets something in return for providing an education.

      Community service makes for better citizenship.  (It is a sort of “laboratory hands-on training”)

      It would ease the financial burden on government; it provides the community a source of free help.

      In families where both parents work, students would see community involvement (as occurred in an earlier era).

      It would broaden ones’ outlook or “horizons.”

      It would possibly lead to career goals, or help in career choice.

      It would keep youngsters usefully occupied, out of restaurants.

      Community service satisfies a need to fill some of the emptiness of students’ lives.

      Youngsters would be giving back the many gifts they’ve received.

      It would make young individuals more aware of and more caring for their fellows (character building); it teaches self-absorbed teens awareness of others’ needs and problems.

      It would give practical experience to augment book knowledge.

      Youngsters need to be made aware of the great need for volunteerism.

      It could keep Teenagers out of harm’s way (drugs, gangs, sex, etc.)


Requirement of a Community Service Activity

It is a must for the participant of a community service activity to write a 2-3 page typed report describing and evaluating his/her experience. The report should include the following:

This report then should be shared with a wider audience of students and teachers around the globe through online interactive forums of iEARN.

Possible Community Service Activities

Listed below are a number of places in the community, which typically welcome volunteer assistance. One may find an activity here, which interests you or, perhaps, bears some relationship to a field you have identified as an option for you in your future.






Prepared by Sarah Alam.