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:: Youth Volunteering and Community Services Program 2004 ::


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Youth Making a Difference


Alan Luke (1997) defines the term 'literate’ as the practice of attaining 'critical consciousness' and explains that literary education should be “reconceptualised as a site for dialogue, ideology critique and productive cultural action".


The iEARN Pakistan's 'Youth Volunteering and Community Service Program'  is a pioneering iEARN Alumni project that engages youth  from iEARN partner schools and alumni in service learning projects. These projects are implemented by youth individually or in small groups as part of the iEARN online collaborative projects  Students Unlimited and The Good Deeds Projects . The participating students  are provided opportunities to critically reflect on social issues they encounter and observe around them. The groups then addresses some of these social issues  by making a short term action plan and implement it. The students then reflect on their plans and outcomes in the form of a report and present to a larger global audience via iEARN forums, local meetings, seminars etc. . This process of reflection , dialogue and action is a contemporary example of critical literacy.



contact for collaboration and participation.


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