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Folktales are a part of the culture and heritage in every culture and country around the world. Folktales are stories of animals that act like humans, enchanted kingdoms, heroes, unusual people that live in a world of wonder and magic having super natural powers. Most of these stories convey a message or moral to the reader, or explain something in a creative way and that is why
hey are a very important and significant part of the primary and middle school curriculums. This genre of literature grew from the oral tradition of story telling which has been there for thousands of years and are passed down and retold from generation.

The iEARN Folktales Project provides a valuable opportunity to the students from around the world to share the folktales from their culture, rewrite them or create new ones that represent the values and morals specific to their culture and countries and share them with the rest of the students from the iEARN countries.


Project Facilitator:

M. Saleem Ibrahim - Pakistan

Talha Qureshi 12 Grade
Student - Pakistan




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