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Getting Started With iEARN Participation

  1-Introduction to the iEARN Interactive Forums



In iEARN all the action lies in the 'Interactive Forums'.

Use the given iEARN, id and pass word to access the ‘Interactive forums’ at the iEARN Collaboration Centre at  https://media.iearn.org/home

If are not yet an iEARN member , please fill in and submit the online membership form http://media.iearn.org/request from Pakistan the membership is only open to students of ages 5-21 and their teachers, teachers trainers ,  professionals and organisations connected to Pre primary, Primary and Secondary education or Teacher Training. 

Go through the instructions for reading and posting messages to the forums.

Here is a technical tutorial that can be very helpful for you: http://www.iearn.org/tutorial/



2. Welcome Phase - Meet others in iEARN:


We encourage new members to introduce themselves and greet others on our forums for connecting people.

Here is a template for framing introduction, students and teachers both can use it.

 iearn.teachers - This forum is a place to meet and talk, make announcements and updates. It is also a place to share initial  project ideas in order to find other people who might want to help  develop a project.  As part of their introduction into iEARN, new teachers are  encouraged to post a message to iearn.teachers and describe briefly what they see when they look out the window of their school, as well  as a brief mention of any special interests they or their class have.

  iearn. youth is a forum for students to interact and connect globally.


  3. Learn About Projects :  
  There are several resources that will help you find out which projects are currently taking place on iEARN.



iEARN maintains a wide range of curriculum based projects that can be easily adapted and integrated in the current curriculum in most educational systems around the world. For a full listing of the project click open: http://www.iearn.org/projects/index.html

Project Description Booklet - This annual publication is available  to all members of iEARN at http://www.iearn.org/projects/projectbook.html

Up-to-date descriptions  of projects can also be found on our web site:  http://www.iearn.org/projects

If you want a hard copy of the current years Project Description Book, write to iearnpak@iearnpk.org or arrange to pick or get in mail a copy of the Project Description Booklet.


  4. Become Involved in a Project  


We encourage all iEARN teachers and students to participate in existing projects before initiating a project of their own:

  1. Identify a project of interest and find out if the project is still active using the steps listed above.
  2. Go to the forum where the project is held or write to the facilitator of the project. Read existing messages on the forum. Here is a simple step by step process for participating in an iEARN project.
  3. Introduce yourself, your class/school and reasons for your interest in the particular project. Respond to recent postings/topics on the forum. (see one iEARN teacher's "Rubric for Responding to iEARN Project Forum Postings [.doc].")
  4. Remember, all students want and need responses to their messages.

We recommend that  students post 2 responses for every new message they post.

Begin working as a group to explore iearn projects and discuss how students involvement in on-line projects can move out of the classroom.
 Look at postings on different iearn project forums in general, and then as a group,  respond to the many discussions taking place here  Or write on any other ongoing topic, you will need to figure out as a group how you want to  respond, whether it is a description of past youth service projects,  or one or many new ideas.

Click here for some of the  iEARN projects which are in line with the Pakistani curriculum and popular among students and teachers.

Here are some sample lesson plans

Click here for the iEARN Guide a Handbook for Getting Started with iEARN, specifically adapted for Pakistani iEARners  www.iearnpk.org/professional/iearn_handbook_onlinedev_pk_pdf

  5-People and Projects Databases - http://www.iearn.org/databases.html
  Access to the iEARN Directory is restricted to iEARN Participants.  If you already are listed in the iEARN Directory, you may have your  password sent to you by submitting your e-mail address on the site.

If you are not yet entered into the database, you will need to add a  record of yourself before the system can generate a personal password  for you.

In iEARN's searchable databases, you can find out more about projects and the people who are part of the iEARN community. You can find these databases on the web at http://amity.iearn.org/signin.lasso. Please update your own record! If you are a registered iEARN participant, you can access both of these databases using your email address as an ID, and a password. If you do not know your password, or have forgotten it, you can enter your e-mail address at http://amity.iearn.org/signin.lasso and your password will automatically be sent to you. Visit http://www.iearn.org/tutorial/database.html for a step-by-by tutorial on how to access the member database.

Also refer to this website for valuable professional development support: http://www.iearn.org/professional/prof_connections.html

Newsflashes - Every two weeks an online newsletter is sent to all iEARN participants via e-mail. It describes new projects and people  looking for collaborators, gives updates on continuing projects, and   is a place to make general announcements. To have yourself added to   the distribution list, send an e-mail to newsflash@us.iearn.org



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