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Participation Guide for “The Art Miles Mural” Project



Brief Summary of the project:


Students and teachers create a total of twelve themed miles or more, (440 each mile) of five by twelve foot murals painted on canvas for each mile, with an emphasis on the PROCESS of creating murals which promote, education, culture, environmental preservation leading to global understanding, respect and peace through art. There will be an "Exhibition of the Century" gala with all murals displayed together in the year 2010 in Egypt with the spirit of thousands of painters whose wish for peace will resonate beyond the planet!




Students, schools, organizations, after school program participants, design and create murals that will be grommet and seamed together with murals created by children from all over the world. There are twelve themes involved in the project; The Multicultural/Diversity Mile, The Environmental Mile, and The Indigenous People's Mile, Sports Mile, Women's Mile, Fairy Tale Mile, Hollywood Mile, Music Mile, Senior Mile, Peace, Unity and Healing Mile, Mentor's Mile. Children should work together to decide on what theme they want to work on. It is important to let them know that this mural will go on tour in museums and their work will be seen in many countries, on websites, on TV, and in the future in publications and magazines.




The Mural-venture activity is a project-based learning experience designed to engage students to promote education, culture, environmental awareness and a global understanding of respect and peace through Art.

The activity is designed for participants of all ages


Learning Goals:

By completing this activity your students should achieve the following goals:

  •    Learn about issues related to culture, education, environment, peace and unity.
  •    Gain a better understanding of issues by having a group discussion.
  •    Develop an interest in the study of murals.
  •    Increase their understanding of the topics by transferring their learning into visual documentation.  
  •    Human Interaction and Teambuilding.
  •    Build an understanding of visual art through its formal elements including (line, color, movement, texture, subject matter).


Step 1.

Decide on a Theme

Here students are invited to explore, discuss and decide on what theme they want to work on. This focus and concentration on theme will lead to great team building and increase their interest in murals.


Step 2.

Group Discussion

To create deeper understanding students should have a lively discussion about what they want to learn and how they fell about working as a group.


Step 3.

Brainstorm mural images- Investigate

Some of the most successful mural images communicate their messages without the need of text because the visuals are self-explanatory. Students return to the theme and plan and investigate how and what they want to draw and paint. Teachers should encourage them for using bright colors and share stories. Teachers should also guide them for the choice of content.


Step 4.

Make a Mural

With teacher guidance, students take the best of their drawings and mix and match images to come up with a design that’s a balance between being aesthetically pleasing and educationally relevant and meaningful. Finally, students will make their own mural and talk about what they would want to express.


Step 5.


Murals will be presented in museums and will be seen I many countries on website, TV and in future in magazines and publications


Final Outcome:

Students will feel pride in their abilities. They learn teambuilding, visual documentation of their understanding, awareness of a variety of topics ranging from environment, peace, human interaction, culture diversity, use of colors and design, the feeling of being a part of a truly global project, sharing and helping each other, publication of their work through a wide range of media and communicating their “messages” to the world.

The students get better understanding of the expressions of others and as a result reach the learning goal. Students gain an increased sensitivity towards the issues of art production.


The Art Miles Forum:

The Art Miles forum can be accessed in iEARN Collaboration Centre, under the project categories ‘Visual and Creative Arts’. It can also be accessed directly at: for further information and details.

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Name of facilitators: Joanne and Fouad Tawfilis/Founders

Email of facilitators: or

 Joanne Tawfilis Founding Executive Directors Art Miles Mural Project