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How it works


Eye to Eye is an IEARN project that sponsors the creation of postcard size images to an online gallery, which is dedicated to the ideals of friendship and understanding through visual communication. Have your students select a theme and create a postcard. Then you can scan and email it to the project site as an attachment for inclusion in the online gallery.

 Some possible themes: Family and Home, School and Activities, Festivals and Holidays, Community and Jobs, Hobbies and Activities, Historical Events, Games and Sports, About Me.

 In the second stage of the project students will plan and present a local EYE TO EYE Friendship Exhibition made up of the postcards created during the project. This exhibition of postcards will then be joined together both online and in a series of exhibitions that will travel around the world.

 Teacher role: Teachers will facilitate the EYE TO EYE project locally by giving the students opportunities to create postcard size images. Teachers will post the images to the project website, participate in 3 project sponsored chats (dates to be announced) and participate in email idea exchanges during the project.

 Classroom activities:

Expected outcomes:

Ages: 5 to senior citizens

Project Language(s): all

Curriculum Areas: Integrated Arts, Art, Visual Literacy, Language Arts, Social Studies, Technology,ESL



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