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iEARN Folk Costumes Around the Globe

Students are invited to send pictures about folk costumes in their countries describe them and eventually write a few lines about different occasions people wear them. Information about traditional folk costumes, a topic less studied today in schools, and still important for the students' general culture. This project is ideal for upper primary and middle and high school students. The project is meant to give the students from as many countries as possible, a chance to share their folk/national costumes with other students and teachers in the world, to promote their folk art and traditions. The students will send hand drawn and scanned or digital images of pictures of folk costumes from their countries, with a short description of them and give information about the occasions people use/used to wear them. The pictures can be posted in the iEARN Interactive Forum for the Folk Costumes around the World project. As the students share information about their traditions and civilization, they will become more aware about their roots and ancestors.


 Hands-On Activity:

v Work on a project presenting one of the local costumes of Pakistan.

v Discuss in group first to choose only of the costumes, piece of dress to focus and research on.

v Your final product should be a one page report attached with several beautiful Digital images of your costume with a brief description. The description should include:

  The local name of the costume and what it meant in English.

  Little bit about its origin or history

  The occasion when it is worn

  People who mostly uses or wear them and why


v Once the project is complete post it in the Folk Costumes Around the World Project forum.


For digital imaging of this project:


Choose one of the two options and follow the instructions:


Option-1 Online Research:

o   Browse the internet resources or books, magazines for the folktale costumes of Pakistan.

o   Find its picture/s and save in the hard disk for inserting in the final project.


Option-2 Outdoor Shooting:

o   Go outside in the community market place e.g shops, boutiques and displays.

o   Take some pictures of the dresses and clothes that you have chosen or someone wearing them if they permit.

o   Bring them back transfer and edit the images and complete your project.