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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF PROJECT: Students will investigate their own values/"laws of life", test them in a real-life situation, then communicate and share what they have learned with other students around the world in writing in the form of a short essay. In addition to communicating in writing, students will be asked to enrich and enhance their learning and written-communication skills using some "right brain", creative methodology employing the Arts (i.e. drawing, poetry, painting, sculpture, film, on-line animations, music, movement, etc.)


Affective Goals:


  •    To experience the humanity of children in different cultures and countries.

  •    To learn the confidence to make a difference.

  •    To increase motivation to learn.

  •    To increase motivation to use computer technology and the Internet for learning.

  •    To experience compassion for others and one self.

  •      To enhance the joy of communication using "right and left brain" modalities.


 Cognitive Goals:


  • To gain knowledge about the similarity and differences among different cultures of the world.

  • To learn the skills about how to use computer technology and the Internet in order to enhance educational outcomes.

  • To discover and understand their own values and "laws of life".

  • To learn methodologies to make their values real in the world.

  • To improve writing skills (composition, organization, articulation) and "right brain" communication skills.

  • To understand how to make a difference in the world.

ACTIVITIES: Students will:


a.       Investigate their "Laws of Life (LOL)"/values.

b.       Apply one or more LOL/values in the real world.

c.        Write a short essay communicating what they learned.

d.       Add a "right-brain", creative component to enhance the essay.

e.        Communicate the essay and the creative component over the Internet in iEARN forums.




a.       Student essays

b.       Student "right brain", creative complement to their essays.

c.        An on-line "gallery" of student work (at

d.       A hard-copy summary of the project.



Students and teachers around the world will be able to share and learn from each other through the on-line and hard-copy compilation of student products. Of equal importance is that students will have the experience of applying their values in the real world. This will give them the experience of compassionate action and help build a future of compassionate adults in the world.

Age Level: K-12

Language of Communication: English and others to be determined by the teachers involved.

Curriculum Areas: All.


Clearly, Social Studies, Writing, Computer Skills, English and Art and After-School Projects are easy areas for integrating Quick Start. In curricula like Math or Science, students can be asked to examine their values/LOL as it relates to that specific curriculum area. For example: "Math and Science effect the computer revolution, global economics, environmental concerns and military weaponry. How might your values and LOL be applicable to this area?"








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