The iEARN Kindred Project



Total Time Required: 4-6 days


Here is another assignment that can be completed in 8-10 days for cif all participants work 3-45 minutes on it every day.


This is an iEARN Project titled Kindred, which means family stories and history. This is a Oral History activity. It is important for students to participate in this project, as oral history projects and activities would be one of the things all of you would be expected to conduct during your compulsory American History classes in US schools.






Here is the project detail:

-In this project you are asked to interview member of your immediate family
(mother, father, brothers, sisters), extended family (grandparents, uncles, aunts), neighbors or friends in the local community focusing on ‘Sports’.

-Do they played a sport when they were younger?

- What is their  most memorable sporting moment. It could be a personal memory - the occasion that they hit a home run to win the game.

-It could be a grandparent's memory of seeing favorite Cricketer/Hockey player play his last game.


I am hoping that students will write about sports that are popular in Pakistan and through their stories will explain to students in other
countries something about the sport. For example, kids in US or Canada often write about baseball or ice hockey whereas kids in Australia, Pakistan or India might write about cricket, Hockey and other games/sports played in their country.

Click open this list of questions, you need to select some question from this list related to the focus of what you wanted to know from them.

- Arrange the interview information in an interesting and well written three paragraph essay/story/narrative, giving it an interesting title. Use the tips and techniques to conduct the interview.


For example of these family stories you may browse through the stories posted by other students at the kindred project website:  Here is the link for the Kindred forum.

-Once your story is complete, you are required to post it in the Kindred-Family and Third Generation Projects forum, found under the category Culture and Society.


Eagerly waiting for your family’s ‘Sports Stories’.


Good luck








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