Digital Photo Diaries

An iEARN-  Cultural Exchange Project



Show everyone what your life in your country looks like! What are the most pressing issues of your life and communities. A great opportunity for cultural exchange and raising awareness of social issues, sharing  culture and heritage.



“The Digital Photo Diaries" is an iEARN digital photography exchange in which students share captioned autobiographical or photographs presenting a social or community issues about their own lives and communities, in and out of school. Students identify a social issue or an aspect of their life and present them in the form of a series of digital images.



Students share digital photographs on topics such as:

  •  Mealtime at Home (What does a typical meal look like at home?),

  •   Transportation To and From School (How do you get to school each day?),

  •   Interesting Places in My Community,

  •  An Exciting or Important Event,

  •  My Daily Routine,

  •  An important person from my family  or community

  •  Clothing, fashion and style, cultural and pop

  •  School life

  •  The civic challenges my society or community faces

  •   Social issues and challenges of my school, communities and country

Students should accompany each digital photograph with a short, written explanation of what is depicted in the photograph and its significance.



How to Participate:


Step-1: If you are an iEARN member already, log in to the Interactive forum and look for the forum titled “ Day in the Life Photo Diaries’.


Read and review the different themes presented there for photo exchange projects.


Or directly access the forum at:


In case you or your school are not iEARN members, write to for membership and iEARN forum access in Pakistan and if you are a GCEP participant from any other country.



Step-2: Introduce your class for the photo exchange project.


Look for the discussion titled: GCEP Digital Diary Project for Doors to Diplomacy:


Here all participating students and teachers post their introductions and also discuss on common themes if they want to do something different then topics listed above.

  •     Name of the school and country

  •     What age students are, or what age teachers teach

  •     What subjects, languages, locations, or other criteria you need

  •     When you hope to exchange

  •     What are the topics you intend to work on for the digital diary project.



Our hope is that we create an environment in which every student who posts a photo and story will receive a reply and get to engage in dialogue with peers and experts.

Farah will open a new thread of discussion for each of the finally selected topics, where the final projects will be posted. So, in yo
ur introduction, mention the topic or theme.




Step-3: Final Projects:


  •    Based on your identified themes, shoot some digital pictures

  •    Select the few minimum 4 and maximum  15, and describe each very  briefly.

  •    Organize your pictures in a power point with them, or use movie maker and upload the projects in the forums.

  •    All the final projects will be streamed in a common website for all the countries of GCEP to access.



For help and assistance in Pakistan write to or