Total Time Required for Completion: 2 days

The purpose of this global  art project is to provide an opportunity  to students  creating artwork images and writing on the theme of “Caring”, promoting Pakistani beliefs as a caring nation.



Students are required:

  • Create an ARTWORK that shows that they care about  one another and other living things, animals, people environment, your schools, families, communities and the world.

  • The ARTWORK can be in the form of a digital image or several digital images or pencil drawing, water or oil painting, simple sketch, collage . Students will have to complete your artwork and then scan them.

  • Each student also writes a paragraph or poem on  ideas on caring focusing their ARTWORK.


  • The artwork and writing are required to be shared with other participants in the project.

  • Post the scanned images of ARTWORK or the digital images and your writing in the iEARN interactive forum GLOBAL ART: IMAGES OF CARING under the discussion heading Images of Caring from Pakistan:

  • After sharing you artwork and writing, you need to respond to each other’s artwork and other writings and artwork in the Global Art forum. 






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