The iEARN My Country Project



Total Time Required: 6-10 days


Project Completion Time10-15 days

This project will prepare the students to present and share different aspects of their countries to a global audience.












Step-1  Topic Identification


-   In groups or pairs students are assigned to work on one of the following one aspect of Pakistan:


  • Environment

  • Historical places

  • Interesting and significant places in a city or community

  • Village life, life in cities, life in small towns

  • School life, how Pakistani students spend holidays

  • Traditional clothes and fashion

  • Traditional transport systems

  • Bazaars and public places

  • Family life

  • Education systems

  • Sports, folk games

  • Handicrafts

  • Natural resources

  • Plants and animals



Step-2: Research


  •          Carry out your research on the topic/aspect of Pakistan that you have identified to research

  •          Browse internet, read books, take pictures yourself from a digital camera or draw pictures yourself.

  •          Select all the required information that you will be using.

Step-3: Final product

-   Choose one of the following ways of presenting the information you have collected:


o   A word document  (2 pages only)

o   A power point presentation (10-15 slides only)

o   A two minutes video


-   Your final presentation should have less words/text and more visuals and pictures.

-   Post your final project in the iEARN My Country project forum under the discussion heading ‘This is Pakistan’.

    The subject line of your post should be the title of your presentation.

Follow this link to the iEARN My Country project forum