The Cultural Recipe Project



Total Time Required: 2 Days


Food is only one aspect of cultural traditions, yet it is probably on e of the most important way of promoting culture.  What we select to eat, how we prepare it, serve it, and even how we eat it are all factors profoundly touched by our individual cultural inheritance. Increasingly, too, it is becoming obvious that an understanding of many aspects of the cultures of others, including their food traditions, is indispensable in any human communication. This is true not only for professionals in the fields of education, medicine, social work, public health and nutrition, commercial food services, but is clearly recognized today in the global marketplace.


This project is focused to provide students and an opportunity to introduce to the world the rich and colorful food recipes of Pakistan to the world.




Your Task:


Research for a traditional Pakistan dish, it can be a curry, rice dish, drink, desert or anything that interest you

but should be traditional Pakistani cuisine.

Find out the correct recipe of your dish.

Research on the history, cultural or traditional importance of this dish, occasion at which these dishes are eaten

or are popular for e.g. Nihari is traditionally breakfast dish.


Finished Project:

Should be a document word processed and in three parts:

Part-1: Introduction, the background, history and significant of the dish

Part-2: Recipe and cooking methods in steps

Part-3:  A digital picture of the dish (optional but important)

Make sure you write at the bottom of your completed project the website/book or any reference from where you took the recipe.

Post your completed projects in the iEARN Cultural Recipe forum under the discussion titled ‘Pakistani Traditional Food’.




How to Research:


  • Google Search website for Pakistani cooking

  • Buy and see the DVDs or CD of Pakistani cooking

  • Read books

  • Ask interview your moms







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