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The iEARN “Side by Side” Project

What: Side-by-Side celebrates the unique individuality of us through art as we produce elongated self-portraits on paper approximately 8 x 36 inches. This is a terrific way to start your school year because you will get to know a lot about your students as they create self-portraits that include symbols about their past, present, and future. After we have created self-portraits, we can hang them all side by side to represent the way that many individuals can come together to create a better world. Work may be done in crayon (push very hard for rich colors.), cray-pas (oil pastels) or paints of any kind.



Great opportunity to demonstrate your true self and your unique culture!!



1. Please design or draw your self-portrait with crayons. You can put anything you think very worthwhile from your culture or yourself.

2. Hang your “side-by-side” on the wall, and take turns appreciating other fellow partner’s art works.

3. Please write down your feedbacks to each piece by posting the message in the post-it notes.

4. Let’s celebrate our group works with our fantastic Side-by-Side self-portraits!


Materials we need:

1. An elongated piece of paper about 8X36 inches

2. Crayons

3. post-it notepads


Relevant or sample websites:





Good reasons for you to use this project in your class:

1. Collaborative work is sometimes difficult to initiate between countries due to language barriers. This project establishes friendships quickly and paves the way to deep respect and understanding. The initial lesson and extended language arts, math, social studies and science lessons are explored.

2. It is a good way to develop students’ multi-intelligences besides literacy, math, etc.

3. It helps to relieve students’ anxiety in writing when they are new to a target language.