iEARN Beginners Training




Workshop Title: The iEARN Online Project Based Learning Workshop

Target Professionals: All subject teachers, Computer Teachers, Principals/Headteachers, Curriculum Directors/Coordinators, Head of the Departments and Trainee/Pre- Service teachers.

Time: 6 Hours session from 8:30am-2:30pm


Marc Prensky  a writer and consultant in education has recently used the term; "digital natives" (Pg. 8-13, Educational Leadership; December 2005) to describe students who are growing up with digital technology. He used the term; digital immigrants for all of us born before the digital age and incharge of students learning in the digital age. He felt a strong need to bring a change in the way we teach to fit in with the educational needs of  the 'students who are evolving and changing so rapidly' .


The iEARN Online projects are a 21st Century pioneering model for engaging students  in meaningful technology based learning opportunities . iEARN Online projects has great potentials to enhance studentsí expression, language skills and understanding of the world. iEARN projects  presents an opportunity to work with students of this digital society to engage in discussions and dialogue on common issues and those related to oneís culture with peers and experts globally.


The iEARN Beginners Training Program is a hands on professional development session focused at enabling the teachers with tools and skills to participate in online curriculum based collaborative telecommunications projects with classrooms from 110 countries around the world.


The various sessions of the workshop will present ways to integrate technology in the curriculum in meaningful projects. Participants will be able to build a supportive community of educators globally that share the latest teaching methodologies.


There will be multimedia presentations, off-line and online group activities to help participants select, plan and be ready to implement an iEARN projects independently. Participants  will encouraged to collaborate with each other during the work-shop and to take the time to connect with international teachers in other sessions.


Each participant will get their own copies of the latest iEARN Project Description Books



Objectives of the iEARN Teachers Training Program


During the workshop sessions, participants will:


* Be exposed to and discuss iEARNís mission and vision


* Get familiar with and navigate iEARN web site and available resources at hand



* Find out the underlying objectives and cross curriculum aspect of anyone iEARN online collaborative project and its correlation to teaching standards


* Practice using iEARN's technology tools and be aware of the difference between them


* Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Project-Based Learning


* Discuss different classroom management techniques for project implementation


* Understand the nature of asynchronous/synchronous communication in online collaborative projects


* Find out and discuss how to prepare classes for online collaboration


* Select and plan a project that correlates to participants curriculumís objectives and teaching standards