Project Based Curriculum
(Compiled by Celia Einhorn-iEARN,USA)

Characteristics of Collaborative Classrooms Teacher and student roles, research, examples

Authentic Challenging Tasks (ACTS) Characteristics of challenging curriculum for all students

Service Learning Learning in deeds, leadership roles

Foundations of Project Based Learning: how to build a project, teacherís experiences, project models, processes, resources,glossary

Project based learning PowerPoint Presentation Created by Losira Okelo, iEARN US, eight important pieces

Interviewing Skills Introducing Each Other: Interviews, Memoirs, Photos, and Internet Research

Curriculum-based Telecollaboration and Teleresearch Designing and directing tele-based curriculum

Classroom Strategies Motivating students, getting support from administrators and community

The Guide On the Side: Project Based Learning Resources compiled by Bill Belsey, iEARN Canada Web resources on an instructional method that uses complex, real-life projects to motivate learning and provide learning experiences; the projects are authentic, yet adhere to a curricular framework

Challenge 2000 Project-Based Learning & Multimedia Web Site Overview, activities, other teachers on project based curriculum

Project Based Learning Checklists

An Overview of Project Based Learning (35 page booklet)

Criteria for Authentic Project-Based Learning

Design Features for Project-Based Learning

Project-based Learning and Other On-line Teaching Resources and Guidelines for Project Implementation Tutorials, Guides and Resources for Staff Development


Index of Resources