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Society for International Education has partnered with UNICEF-Sindh and Social Welfare Department, Govt. of Sindh for establishing and managing Children’s Council. The project aims to empower children, with adequate capacity, knowledge, skills with adult facilitation so that they can voice their concerns on issues in conflict with their best interest and attract relative seriousness from the government and non-government decision making circles.

Children’s Council is a representative body of all children in Karachi and other cities of Sindh. The council aims to bring a sense of empowerment to the children to have their say in policy making. The project train children and hold consultations with them to identify and prioritize the issues of serious concern to them.

Children’s Council is run through 15 members of the Executive Committee that is formed through a democratic election process. The first executive committee was elected in 2010 and has been actively engaged in policy dialogue, advocacy campaigns for Sindh Child Protection Authority Bill and Polio Eradication, developing constitution and action plan for Children’s Council and Healing by Caring – a project for rehabilitation of flood affected children of Sindh.

Some of the primary upcoming projects of Children’s Council include formation of Child Rights Clubs in different towns of Karachi, establishing a Child Rights Resource Centre, Networking with Duty Bearers, Civil Society Organizations and Institutions at local, community, district, provincial and international level and adopting measures within the local context on advocating child protection issues.

Eligibility Criteria for General Membership:

• Any child (student, out of school, street child etc.) of minimum 13 years of age but not more than 17 years.
• is resident of Sindh.

If you want to voice your opinions about child rights and influence change, join the Children’s Council by filling up the enclosed membership form. Membership forms are also available on our website. Please fill up the form and send us by post/email/fax to:

Children’s Council, Society for International Education

Office No. M-4, Mezzanine Floor, Alibhai Centre, 233-A, Sharah-e-Quaideen P.E.C.H.S., Block-2, Karachi.

Phone: 021-34547547, 021-34547549 





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