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What is FTE?


  The Friendship Through Education Consortium is committed to creating  opportunities that facilitate online and offline interactions between  the youth of the world, inside and outside of classrooms, in order to  build a culture of peace in which the dignity and rights of all human  beings are respected.


Use of Internet is a key in the FTE links as are distance learning, and other technologies for teachers and students to interact on meaningful education projects for the purpose of cross-cultural awareness and global understand. Using these technologies students throughout the participating countries would be enabled to engage in international collaborative experiences and strengthen instruction of academic subjects ranging from reading to foreign language and social studies.


  FTE Consortium Members:

  Cyber Schoolbus of the United Nations,

ePals Classroom Exchange


Global SchoolNet Foundation

iEARN (International Education and Resource Network)


People to People International

Schools Online

Sister Cities International

 Worldwise Schools of the Peace Corps.

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