Friendship Through Education in Pakistan


The FTE Program-Pakistan Details

  FTE  initiative was established in October 2001 , iEARN ľUS is managing  the project. Several other iEARN Centres like Bahrain, Jordan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Mali and Egypt are involved to enhance school access to technology and school-to-school connections. The FTE program in Pakistan is focused at providing opportunities to students ages 11-18 for participating in Internet Based Collaborative Projects. The ultimate goal of FTE program is to develop an educated citizenry which is technology literate and is comfortable using it

-to interact globally on all issues facing planet, including education, politics, economics affairs, environmental concerns, conflict resolution etc.

FTE-Pakistan, Program Components:

- School recruitment and technical assessments of the participating schools.

- Teacher training and materials development

-Students participation in curriculum based projects preferably from UN Cyber School Bus, iEARN and Global School Net.

- Provision if ILCs (Internet Learning Centres) to a limited number of participating schools. 


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