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Society for International Education (SIE) is a non-profit, non-government Karachi based educational society registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 KAR No.067/05, dedicated to the development of global partnerships in education, capacity building of learning communities based on the effective use of Information Communication Technology (ICT), English Language, Teacher Development, Youth Leadership for Pakistan and rest of the globe.


SIE is committed to work with umbrella organizations, academic bodies, universities, non-government organizations, and governments to establish a global community of concerned organizations and citizens with the express purpose of supporting the youth of the world in developing and implementing educational and humanitarian projects, especially projects of change and healing for the health and welfare of the planet.


Current/Ongoing Programs:


International Education and Resource Network Pakistan

iEARN Pakistan under Society for International Education is working in close collaboration with iEARN Centers in several countries as well as several other educational organizations on collaborative programs. All these programs are focused at providing unique learning opportunities to students and educators, enabling them to interact with peers and experts globally. Most of these programs involve development and participation of students in Internet Based Collaborative Projects, Curriculum Development, Teacher Training, and students and teachers participation in exchange and study programs.

English ACCESS Microscholarship Program, Karachi-Hyderabad

The English Access Microscholarship Program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) and is part of the Office of English Language Program's suite of initiatives. The English Access Microscholarship Program (Access Program) provides a foundation of English language to talented 13-18 year-olds from economically disadvantaged sectors through after school classes and intensive summer activities. Participants gain English skills that may lead to better jobs, educational prospects and increased opportunity to participate in future exchanges.

The present SIE English Access Microscholarship Program, Karachi and Hyderabad managed by Society for International Education (SIE) was initiated in September 2014 and will be concluded in August 2016.  1200 students are enrolled in the current programs.


YES - Youth Exchange and Study  Program

This program provides scholarships for secondary school students (age 15-17) to spend one academic year in the United States and live with American host families. For more details, visit



Adobe Youth Voices

A global philanthropic initiative to empower youth in underserved communities. Demonstrating the power of technology to engage middle- and high-school-age youth, Adobe Youth Voices (AYV) provides breakthrough learning experiences using video, multimedia, digital art, web, animation, and audio tools that enable youth to explore and comment on their world.  AYV is working with iEARN programs in a many countries empowering youth and educators in media learning.

In collaboration with iEARN USA and the Adobe Incorporation, since 2006 every year a group of high school teachers from iEARN partner school gets scholarships to participate and complete an 8 weeks online course. This enables the teachers to engage their students in projects using video, multimedia, digital art, web, animation, and audio tools that enable youth to explore and comment on their world.

The U.S. Summer Sisters Exchange Program

The U.S. Summer Sisters Exchange Program provides opportunities for female high school students to study at an American university on an intensive summer exchange.  Summer Sisters has partnered with Harvard University, Smith College, American University, George Washington University, Babson College, and the Eleanor Roosevelt Leadership Center at Vassar College. . 

Badal Do  

Badal Do, a uniquely conceptualized initiative by six partner organizations. The project is aimed at inculcating reflective practice as an essential skill in teachers to help them transform themselves into advocates of peace, social inclusion, diversity and tolerance in classrooms and beyond.

The project is led by a consortium of six well reputed organizations namely AzCorp Entertainment, Society for International education (SIE), Pak-American Cultural Centre (PACC), Teachers’ Resource Centre (TRC), Children’s Museum for Peace and Human Rights (CMPHR), and The School of Writing (TSW). As part of Badal Do, Society for International Education organize “Badal Do Talks” in schools to dig out inspiring stories of change. SIE also hosted Citizen Journalism seminar reaching out to 400 teachers. 

Citizen Journalism Program  
  This citizen journalism training is a seven-month program that will train 200 participants from nine neighborhoods in Karachi. The program will include training on hands-on reporting, media ethics, social media outreach, photojournalism and video journalism. Trainings will be conducted by renowned professionals and will be held on weekends to facilitate university students and employed individuals.
At the end of the seven months, all participants should be able to write, photograph and make short films on the challenges faced by their communities.
Azme Naujawan (AeN)  
  Azme Naujawan (AeN) is a program spearheaded by a consortium of ten civil society organizations that came together as a consequence of realizing the potential of collaborative efforts and mutual support, aims to work with like-minded civil society partners passionate about efforts targeting youth. Throughout the program, the participating youth will identify problems/ issues within their communities, and develop solutions to those problems in the form of social action projects and social campaigns with the insight and support from trainers and SIE Team members.

Past and Completed Programs

English Works

"English Works" is a 6-month (250-hour) duration job-oriented English language development program in Karachi for 150 young adults and for 50 young adults in Hyderabad. The Program is sponsored by US department of State and administered by SIE with collaboration of US Consulate General Karachi.

English Works” program is an opportunity to underprivileged young adults of 18-25 years of age, both male and female from Karachi and Hyderabad to be engaged in an exciting program, where they would be taught through modern language teaching methodologies and materials and equipped with 21st century life and work skills through career counseling workshops, seminars, live talks, field trips and two conferences.

Level Up Village (LUV) Program

Society for International Education in collaboration with LUV offers in-school, after-school and summer courses for K-9 students in the U.S. and global partner countries in developing countries. Level Up Village (LUV) delivers pioneering global STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) enrichment courses that promote design thinking and one-to-one collaboration on real world problems.

The activities are based on discussion, hands-on experiments and some fun videos to impart learning.  Students are given the opportunity to be the ambassadors of their own learning through global video conferencing between them and their peers across the globe.     


Empowering Young Leaders (EYL)


Empowering Young Leaders (EYL) program (April – October 2017) aims at providing opportunities to under-privileged youth, both male and female to learn to plan and implement small scale social action projects. Through this initiative, youth will gain knowledge of positive value set of pride, unity and resilience that fosters positive and responsible behaviors. EYL is a part of Karachi Youth Initiative program, implemented by Society for International Education (SIE) for young adults (male and female) aged between 14 to 25 years old youth of Gulzar-e-Hijri and Pehlwan Goth areas.

PurSukoon Karachi

PurSukoon Karachi will help promote a positive image of Karachi to a large number of community members and audiences in public, private, business, civil society sectors. This activity will print and distribute 10,000 monthly newsletters for seven months thereby supporting the Karachi Commissioner's office to disseminate information about positive activities undertaken in Karachi, including those supported by his office, particularly relating to youth and peace building. Society for International Education (SIE) - in partnership with the Commissioner Karachi's office will coordinate with a range of public, private, business, civil society and community centers and offices for distribution and collection of activities to be included in the newsletter.

The newsletter will be circulated to around 10,000 beneficiaries (institutions and individuals) across Karachi through post. The e-copy of the newsletter will be circulated across a wider range throughout Pakistan to promote a positive peaceful and stronger image of Karachi.

Humans of Lyari (HoL)

Humans of Lyari project aspires to create increased opportunities and incentives to engage young and creative people from Lyari in socially beneficial and benign behaviors. In this project, participants will get the opportunity to learn about photojournalism, photography skills, photo editing and other post-production activities. Through this project, participants will not only get a chance to indulge in a positive social activity but also get a platform to depict a positive image of Lyari.

I am Karachi

TheI am Karachi’ campaign aims to inculcate a sense of hope, pride and ownership in the citizens of Karachi through a socio-cultural peace campaign.

The objectives of 'I am Karachi' are:

1. Initiating conversations and dialogues for a better understanding of the issues and concerns of the city.

2. Increasing inclusivity, understanding, and acceptance amongst people in Karachi.

3. Promoting pride and ownership, and celebrating diversity of people in Karachi.

4. Reclaiming public space in order to restore safety and instilling cultural appreciation.

Photojournalism 2.014: Heritage, Hunger, and Food Security

Photojournalism 2.014: Heritage, Hunger, and Food Security focuses on the theme of local and regional food systems to build people-to-people ties to promote a stable, prosperous, and integrated region.  High school teachers and students seek programs to help them use new media to explore local, regional, and global food issues, to connect with peers abroad, and to take action in their communities.

Youth Empowerment and Leadership Program;
  Youth Empowerment and Leadership Program; a part of Karachi Youth Initiative in partnership with Creative International, teaching, counter violence , civic education and community outreach to at risk youth.
Education and Community Cohesion Program (ECCP)

Education and Community Cohesion Program (ECCP) is a project of Society for International Education (SIE) in collaboration with Karachi Youth Initiative (KYI).

The program began on April 15th, 2014. Underlying idea of program is to provide learning avenues to youth and enhance cohesiveness in communities of Sultanabad & Hijrat Colony. Three courses namely English, ICT and Creative Writing will be taught to Youth of aged 15 years and above. Within the program, youngsters will also have exposure to a variety of trainings through Youth Leadership Camps, tailored for their specific needs where they’ll learn and utilize their skills upto the fullest stature.


Youth Kay Saath:
  Youth Kay Saath: Two seasons of 30 radio programs on FM 100. The radio programs, titled “Youth Key Saath” (With the Youth) will aim to spread awareness about youth initiatives in the target communities of the Karachi Youth Initiative.
Empower Access Program

The Empower Access Program (EAP) South and Central Asia focused,  professional exchange program for individuals, organizations and offices working directly with people with disabilities.  EAP is sponsored by the US Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. For Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan and Tajikistan, EAP is administered by American Councils for International Education: ACTR/ACCELS.
It is a bilateral exchange program, 15 international fellows from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan and Tajikistan will travel to the U.S. to undertake a month-long intensive, tailored fellowship at U.S. host organization.  EAP will enable up to 15 Americans to participate in a reciprocal visit to their Fellows’ host countries.
Details of the program, eligibility and application is available at the link below:

Empower Access Program

Photojournalism 2.0: Images of Social Change

Photojournalism 2.0: Images of Social Change foster positive and productive interaction among educators and students in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Tajikistan through a global high school photojournalism education program. Through Photojournalism 2.0: Images of Social Change, participants will use photography to build people-to-people ties that will promote a stable, prosperous, and integrated region.   High school teachers and students seek programs to help them use new media to explore local and global issues, to connect with peers abroad, and to take action as their communities build civil society institutions.  

With the support from The Office of Press and Public Diplomacy, Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs, iEARN USA and the participating iEARN countries will be running this 12 months project beginning October 1st 2012.

Global Connection and Exchange: Journalism 2.0

Global Connection and Exchange is a project supported and funded by US Education and Cultural Affairs through partnership with iEARN USA in participating iEARN countries globally. SIE has been an implementation partner for the GCE project since 1999, connecting schools and students in participating countries through curriculum based online projects. In the past SIE as part of the iEARN programs has collaborated with Middle East, Near East and South Asia.

 At present SIE is implementing the GCE Journalism 2.0 in collaboration with iEARN Thailand, Ecuador, Tajikistan and USA. The project will engage students and teachers of middle and high school to increase leadership skills and ties among the participating countries through classroom based journalism projects.

American India Foundation-O3: Our Family, Our Neighborhood, Our World


This project is in collaboration between iEARN Pakistan, American India Foundation and iEARN USA. The objective of this project is to promote cross-cultural understanding. The educators from India and Pakistan work with the theme, ‘Our Family, Neighborhood, Our World’, and learn how to use media arts and creative arts as tools for cross-cultural understanding and collaboration in their classrooms and taking action in their communities for social change.

This project supports educators in different countries to integrate creative and media arts as part of their social studies, language arts and/or media literacy curricula. During project, both students and teachers, are using an array of new media tools to collaborate in this program, including blogs, Skype and Blackboard Collaborate webinars, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, and the iEARN Collaboration Centre website.

British Council Connecting Classrooms Online Training Program

After a successful completion of British Council Connecting Classrooms teacher training, the British Council contracted with SIE to provide two-day training to 200 teachers from 91 schools in Karachi for effective participation in Connecting Classrooms Online project portals/forums. The project aims at helping teachers in Online Project-Based Learning focusing Social Action/Community Service projects.

SIE has provided training to teachers from different schools in Karachi. Teachers were trained in groups of 20 every Friday and Saturday during the month of March and April 2011. The workshops are aimed at training teachers to use the Connecting Classrooms Online Community to discuss curriculum development, potential links with other teachers globally and engage students in online collaborative projects. The participants were also trained to engage their students in Service Learning projects by developing and posting the Social Action Plans on the portal.


SIE-UNICEF Children's Council:


The project trains children and hold consultations with them to identify and prioritize the issues of serious concern to them. Using the mapping of such issues in project areas, Children’s Clubs and Council will be facilitated to develop their C4D strategy and action plan around those key issues. Activities have been designed to institutionalize child participation through ensuring child membership in School Management Committees and the formation of Children’s Clubs to ensure the representation of children in disadvantaged communities. As part of this, a network of child rights organizations and children’s associations (e.g. Girl Guides and Boy Scouts) is promoted and strengthened.

For further details visit


British Council's Connecting Classroom Online (CCO) Teachers Training:


After a successful completion of British Council Connecting Classrooms teacher training, the British Council contracted with SIE to provide two-day training to 200 teachers for effective participation in Connecting Classrooms Online project portals/forums. The project aims at helping teachers in Online Project-Based Learning focusing Social Action/Community Service projects.


SIE-British Council's Connecting Classrooms Project:

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SIE has partnered with British Council for effectively implementing the Connecting Classroom projects nationwide. This includes training 720 teachers from clusters of schools located in 20 cities around Pakistan. The training module to be delivered by SIE will focus project based learning integrating technology for creative classrooms. SIE facilitators have successfully conducted the Quetta and Pishin trainings from 29th –30th September. Know more about Connecting Classrooms at: classrooms.htm

"Achay Dost"

Society for International Education, has partnered with UNICEF in collaboration with Social Welfare Department, Government of Sindh. The project ‘Achay Dost’ (Good Friends) is an FM radio program that addresses issues of Child Protection e.g. gender based discrimination, corporal punishment and child abuse and aims at bringing awareness in the society about these issues.


Global Connections and Exchange:

Global Connections and Exchange is an iEARN program of Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Egypt, Indonesia, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Syria, United States and Uzbekistan. iEARN programs in these participating countries will build and refine its effective professional development program, alumni support infrastructure, in country organizational capacity, and civic education-based, online collaboration projects.

Community CATALYST: Is a collaboration among the iEARN programs in   of Pakistan, Uzbekistan and United States. The program is focused at engaging students in using digital animation for creating disaster preparedness messages.

YVS The Youth Volunteering and Community Service Program is a flagship iEARN-PK Alumni initiative. This program is initiated and  implemented by iEARN-PK alumni. focused at mobilizing youth and schools for engaging in community service activities and projects as part of the ongoing school program and curricular initiative.

BRIDGE-Building Respect Through Internet Dialogue  and Global Education-The BRIDGE Program is a collaborative effort among iEARN programs in 18 countries to promote partnerships between secondary schools in the  Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Kuwait, Morocco, Pakistan, UAE, Oman, Bangladesh, Nepal,  Tunisia, Indonesia, Iraq, Malaysia,, United States, West Bank/Gaza, and Yemen. 

The World Education Corps was a pioneering global transformational program piloted by 10 iEARN countries. The program brings enhanced educational opportunities to developing countries and to underserved schools and communities, worldwide.


CIVICS-Community Voices  Collaboration Solutions A project for the development of ESL/EFL and Civics curricula of United States, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia. CIVICS was launched in Pakistan in 1999.


FTE -Friendship Through Education, Is a consortium of organizations committed to creating opportunities that facilitate interaction between youth worldwide, building and understanding between nations and bond between humanity. FTE was initiated in Pakistan by iEARN-Pakistan in the October 2001.


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